Red Dawn

Red Dawn (2012)

When North Korean military forces invade American soil, Marine Jed Eckert and a group of his teenage pals elude capture and organize a resistance.

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Australia Austria Canada Germany New Zealand Switzerland
  Country Appeared on Netflix and Chill
Australia Australia 06/Jul/2016
Austria Austria 06/Jul/2016
Canada Canada 05/Jul/2016
Christmas Island Christmas Island 10/Jul/2016
Cook Islands Cook Islands 10/Jul/2016
Fiji Fiji 12/Jul/2016
Germany Germany 06/Jul/2016
Kiribati Kiribati 12/Jul/2016
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 12/Jul/2016
Nauru Nauru 12/Jul/2016
New Caledonia New Caledonia 12/Jul/2016
New Zealand New Zealand 06/Jul/2016
Niue Niue 12/Jul/2016
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea 12/Jul/2016
Samoa Samoa 12/Jul/2016
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands 12/Jul/2016
Switzerland Switzerland 06/Jul/2016
Tokelau Tokelau 12/Jul/2016
Tonga Tonga 12/Jul/2016
Tuvalu Tuvalu 12/Jul/2016
Vanuatu Vanuatu 12/Jul/2016